• BI Developer (Machine Learning and Data Mining)

    Business Intelligence Team


    The Senior Developer of BI Team shall lead and provide innovative solutions to address business needs using machine learning and data mining techniques. This role will drive advanced analytics and business modelling by utilizing state-of-art technologies and ensure the successful application of the solutions and techniques. The candidate shall offer new and non-traditional angles on how to look at the business, identify risks and outliers, and search for opportunities from a data perspective. The main responsibilities of this position are as follows:


    • Collaborate with business teams to understand the requests; use advanced techniques to solve real world problems
    • Build advanced machine learning (ML) models to help business identify issues, categorize transactions, and bring the next level of automation to the daily operations
    • Train and fine tune the ML models to steadily improve the performance and accuracy
    • Build data mining models for various data analysis purposes
    • Apply data mining techniques on our data warehouse to spot issues and seek opportunities
    • Develop, implement and document the solutions and models
    • Present and explain to non-technical background stakeholders how and why the model works
    • Constant learning of state-of-art AI and data mining industry progress and developments and applying these new progresses to improve our solutions
    • Provide ad-hoc analysis using a data mindset



    Profile and Requirements of the Candidate:


    • Master or above degree in computer science with research direction of machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, or other related fields
    • 1 – 2 years of working experience in relevant areas are preferred
    • Solid background in machine learning and data mining
    • Sound mathematics skills and knowledge
    • Proficiency in programming languages (Python preferred)
    • Practical experience in machine learning libraries (e.g. TensorFlow etc.)
    • Practical experience in data mining tools and libraries
    • Familiar with big data framework like Hadoop


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